The Importance Of Religion In A Scientific Research

The 20th century was the most advanced century of our history. We like to belong to the 21st century, and we feel superior when we compare our knowledge to the knowledge of our ancestors. We know a lot more about our planet and the universe.

However, this is a false impression. Today’s science is as rudimentary as the science of the 19th century and before. We are merely beginning to understand a few things about our reality, but we are ignorant. We shouldn’t be proud of our scientific and technological progress.

We should pay attention to the fact that our world is ruled by terror and violence. We didn’t eliminate poverty. We still have many wars. Crimes are part of the routine in the crazy world. Our reality is dangerous.

However, everything is covered by hypocrisy and indifference. We don’t want to pay attention to what is bad.

I understood this fact through dream translation because I found the divine wisdom. God opened my eyes.

My work was scientific, but at a certain point it became religious, since God is the dream producer. I had to go to the church every Sunday, and I had to defend God’s existence.

I talked with many nuns and priests about what I had discovered by translating the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I had to be part of the community of the church and participate of all their activities. I also followed seminars with studies about the Bible in a catholic institution twice per month.

I remembered the lessons I had in the catholic school where I had studied since 6-years-old until I became 17 and a half. My religious education was as important as my scientific discoveries because I had to prove the existence of God to the world. In order to do so, I had to have the behavior of a saint.

This was a very difficult matter for me because I was selfish, lazy, violent, vain, demanding, and impatient. I had to completely change my behavior.

I was not expecting to have to deal with religion when I started following Carl Jung’s lessons, but I understood that this was the most important part of my work when I discovered that God is the dream producer and I started precisely obeying His guidance.

I recognized that God should be respected and obeyed. This is obvious if you have a religious education.

I had no doubt that I really had found God because I could recognize the unconscious sanctity and wisdom. So, I didn’t doubt that I should really defend God’s existence.

However, I passed through six years of atheism when I was a teen, and I knew that atheists are aggressive and rude. I didn’t like my position. It was hard to defend God’s existence in an atheistic world.

I also saw that even those who supposedly represent God on earth don’t believe in His existence. Many priests told me that God had already announced everything He had to tell the world in the past.

God couldn’t make new revelations. Nobody believed in miracles.

Nobody believed that God was showing me many truths through dream translation. They couldn’t imagine that God could give us signs of His existence.

All priests and nuns didn’t believe that we should sleep and dream, and wait for God’s answers in dreams in order to understand what to do. They believed that we should decide what to do based on our own conscience, exactly like everyone else does.

However, I discovered that our conscience is absurd.

Carl Jung had discovered this fact before me, but he didn’t understand how shocking his discovery really was. He believed that the human conscience was stronger than it is.

Our conscience is idiotic because it works based on only one main psychological function and also a half-developed psychological function, without using the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition. We also are either introverted or extroverted. We don’t have a balanced attitude.

When I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience I saw that everything was worse than it already seemed to be because our conscience is one-sided and under-developed.

Even before discovering the anti-conscience I decided to obey the unconscious guidance in dreams because I understood that the human conscience was absurd and I couldn’t trust my own conscience. I knew that I was neurotic because I had the behavior described by Jung when he analyzed the neurosis of my psychological type.

Therefore, I had a reason to believe that I shouldn’t trust my own conscience, while Carl Jung trusted his conscience. He was not mentally ill. So, he didn’t have the vision I had. I saw how tragic it was to have an absurd conscience that makes many costly mistakes.

When I discovered that the unconscious mind was God’s mind I clearly understood that I should trust only the divine wisdom in dreams, and not my own thoughts because I was absurd and ignorant. I had a confirmation that was showing me that my initial attitude was correct. I should really obey the unconscious mind.

My obedience was based on my logical conclusions and also based on the knowledge I had thanks to my religious education. My religion helped me trust my scientific discovery and obey the divine guidance.

On the other hand, my literary talent and the inspiration sent by the unconscious mind when I was a young writer helped me trust the divine wisdom even more.

My scientific research couldn’t be exclusively scientific because I had to see the entire image of the truth and obey the divine guidance, without doing what my own conscience desired. My obedience couldn’t be merely based on scientific conclusions.

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